2 "Árísen": Kindra Nikole & "Those Unspoken" Group Show

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AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present
Artwork by:
Kindra Nikole
Stephanie Law
Kari-Lise Alexander
Stasia Burrington
Uyen Tran-Gjerde
Susannah Kelly
Cassie Meder
February 4th, 2016
“Árísen”After her journey to Glastonbury, the heart of the Arthurian Mythos, in the spring of 2015, Kindra fell in love with England’s rolling landscapes and lush history. Visiting quaint villages, mystical, unspoiled forests, countless castles, the Glastonbury Tor, and Glastonbury Abbey-the speculated resting place of King Arthur-Kindra began to envision a world where knights were common, chivalry esteemed, and honor prized above all else.

Árísen explores a new angle on the beloved Arthurian legends, through a lens into a world where women are the protectors and knights of the land. Capturing the essence of feminine strength, Kindra invites the viewer to abandon their preconceptions of the old tales and experience the Arthurian legends with a fresh perspective. Through her new body of work featuring multiple acrylic-embellished pieces and her first-ever short film, Kindra reveals a tale never before told-a legend reborn.

Opening night also features a debut screening for “Hælestre”, a film by KindraNikole, premiering at 7:00 pm.”Those Unspoken”

The first woman created in Greek mythology, Pandora, bears a heavy burden. Responsible for opening a box containing the world’s evils, she paves the way for the feminine form in mythology to be assumed as wily temptress, sneaky seductress, or damsel in distress. “Those Unspoken” brings six artists together to reinterpret the standards for mythology, depicting women as mythical gods in roles that are typically masculine.

Artwork up until March 3rd


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