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Patterns that Connect, exhibition by Geometica

April Art Walk Preview
Patterns that Connect
Exhibition by Geometica
Geometica is an artist collective with a common aesthetic of geometric abstraction, inspired by architecture, nature, physics, design and technology.
‘Patterns that Connect’ combine the core of this group with a dynamic salon show with colors, connections and patterns that dazzle.

This event will also feature the mysterious music of Mondo Moe, playing live at 7pm.
Geometica postcard AW-BACK
Geometica postcard AW-FRONT
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December Art Walk Preview – “Aither” – Elle Hanley and Ianthe Moule














Aither” – Ianthe Moul & Elle Hanley

Opening on First Thursday, “Aither” brings a series of thought-provoking, ethereal works by two Northwest artists.

Ianthe Moul is an oil painter based out of Port Angeles. Inspired by the relative, ephemeral nature of beauty, Ianthe’s work connotes the underlying fabric of darkness and death. Her paintings echo a sense of fragility in each moment, her subjects vulnerable in the their awareness of time. Ianthe builds emotional bonds in her work by using vivid colors, manipulating lighting effects to find balance between representation and abstraction.

Elle Hanley is a fine art photographer who addresses the natural tension between the human form and the space it occupies. Her sets are often fantastical and ask the viewer to take a participatory role in imagining the narrative behind each piece. Playing on the seemingly apparent contradiction between the modern process and a timeless aesthetic, Elle’s photographs require the audience to momentarily suspend disbelief and engage in the storytelling process.

Music by: Erik Siegling

Artwork up until February 2nd.






















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October Art Walk Preview – “A Quiet Truth” – Jessica Jorgensen Solo













“A Quiet Truth”
Jessica Jorgensen Solo
Opening October 6th
5-pm at AXIS Gallery Annex

AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present “A Quiet Truth”, a solo show by Jessica Jorgensen.

Working in a classical realist style, painter Jessica Jorgensen visually examines the narrative of moments typically seen as private, often set inside the home.

Rich in texture, her work reflects an overwhelming sense of solitude and intimacy. Jessica Jorgensen is a curious observer documenting visual absurdities and narratives repeated in day-to-day life. Her work explores the figure’s ability to carry emotion and story through the body, as well as the underlying figurative nature of objects personified. The observations are sometimes simple, sometimes serious, spiritual, and even silly at times, but her work consistently incarnates those moments along with the emotional connections attached.

Please join us for this opening reception and solo exhibition on October 6th. Opening night will feature performances by Coriolis Dance and live music by Cody Jorgensen on piano.

Knick Knack Records, a 100% independently-owned label and record store specializing in vinyl will be vending during opening night.

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September Art Walk Preview – Audio/Visual

September Art Walk Preview – Audio/Visual

September 1st, 2016 from 5-9pm


AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present “Audio/Visual”, a group exhibition hosting Seattle artists from a variety of disciplines collaborating to create a unique sensory experience. Focusing on the past and present Seattle music community, Audio/Visual will showcase a diverse representation of art, music, and visual performance. The show is sponsored by Northwest Folklife, Seattle Acoustic Festival, and New Amsterdam Vodka with a portion of proceeds benefitting Arts Corps.

Three noted local artists Ryan Henry Ward, Ten Hundred, and Wakuda will showcase their collaborations with sculptor Katie Kurkjy and will also display their individual creations.

Along with visual art, the event will feature solo and collaborative performances by some of the region’s most acclaimed musicians, including Daniel Blue (Motopony), Andrew D.B. Joslyn (Macklemore), Tobias the Owl and others. Visual art, live music, live mural painting, and dance are all part of this immersive Seattle sight and sound show.

Sponsored by New Amsterdam Vodka, complimentary drinks will be on hand for those 21+! The event is free and open to the public.

10% of art sales will be donated to Arts Corps.

RSVP at EventBrite or Facebook.

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Art Walk Preview – Seattle Squared


Art Walk Preview – August

Seattle Squared

Opening August 4th, 2016  5-9pm









Curated by BHerd, Seattle Squared is the culmination of eight years of running a gallery, curating shows and events, and wanting to promote and further the beauty, talent, and thoughtfulness of the Seattle art scene. Each artist participating received a square panel to create a new piece of work for this exhibit, which will also be featured in a limited edition collectible book designed by Sarra Scherb of Brass Archer Media.
Featuring the talents of: Adam 1, Amanda Stalter, Braden Duncan, Brian White, CASH, Christopher J. Olson, Chris Sheridan, David Francis, DKOY, Ego, Gabriel Marquez, Jeff Jacobson, Jeff Mihalyo, Jeremy Gregory, Joe Vollan, John Osgood, Justin Hilgrove, Kari-Lise Alexander, Kate Protage, Kellie Talbot, Megon Shoreclay, Michelle Anderst, Miguel Edwards, Nichole DeMent, Robert Hardgrave, Roy Powell, Seb Barnett, Sensei23, Siolo Thompson, Stephen Rock, Troy Gua and Zachary Bohnenkamp.

Why Seattle Squared?

It’s what we believe brought us the valued community that we have been so grateful to have been a part of and to have called our family. When you square something in math you multiply a number by itself. This is truly how you create a revolution. Whatever your cause, you cannot do it by yourself, you must square yourself to make a difference. While we are leaving our community, we know that others have been working on the same mission and the Seattle art scene is rich with talented artists and art promoters.

This show will be sponsored by New Amsterdam Vodka and complimentary drinks will be on hand for 21+!

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Art Walk Preview – Strange Paradise: Moksha Marquardt, Micah Ofstedahl, and Michelle Anderst

Front of Flyer











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Art Walk Preview – June

Strange Paradise:

Moksha Marquardt, Micah Ofstedahl, and Michelle Anderst

Opening June 2nd, 2016  5-9pm

Artwork up until July 6th

AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present “Strange Paradise”, an exploration of the nature of reality through scientific forms as imagined by three Northwest surrealists.

Moksha Marquardt is an artist and illustrator based out of Seattle. Influenced by his upbringing exploring the Pacific Northwest for all of the diversity and wonder, his work focuses on the balance of life and death in organic forms as well as the dichotomy between hostility and serenity in nature.

Micah Ofstedahl’s paintings invoke awareness of the world’s complexity by representing the hidden wonders of nature and science. By incorporating surrealist elements into his pieces, Micah encourages viewers to think beyond the immediate reality, bringing them into a visually rich, mysterious, subconscious realm.

Michelle Anderst uses her training in scientific illustration to draw connections between life forms growing in opposition to their environments. Inspired by evolution and observation, she depicts the beautiful interconnectivity between natural structures.

Opening night features performances by Coriolis, a contemporary dance company led by Christin Call and Natascha Greenwalt.

Complimentary drinks will be provided courteousy of New Amsterdam Vodka.
Music will be provided by Kylmyys.

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Art Walk Preview: Fused Space: Dimensions in Collage Artwork by Kelda Martensen and Melanie Reed

AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present:

Fused Space: Dimensions in Collage
Artwork by Kelda Martensen and Melanie Reed

Opening March 3rd, 2016 5-9pm
Artwork up until April 4th

Two mixed media artists come together to explore storytelling through paper art and mixed media.

Kelda Martensen maintains a studio practice focused in the paper, book and print arts and serves as full time visual arts faculty and department coordinator at North Seattle College. Kelda received her MFA in Visual Art from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis. Recent awards include the Larry Sommers Art Fellowship Merit Award and residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, France. Kelda’s works aim to communicate the unresolved and to illuminate the poetics of home and displacement.

Melanie Reed’s work focuses on surrealist collage composed exclusively of found paper fragments. By carefully seeking out found materials, her work elevates the everyday and inspires a multiplicity of connections. Each piece is handmade, though seamless, and contains a solid, versatile composition without sacrificing the tactile qualities that reflect the hand of the artist.

Opening March 3rd, 2016 5-9pm
Artwork up until April 4th

flyer2 Everything we built was made of dirt cloudcabinet

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unnamed (2)
unnamed (1)
AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present
Artwork by:
Kindra Nikole
Stephanie Law
Kari-Lise Alexander
Stasia Burrington
Uyen Tran-Gjerde
Susannah Kelly
Cassie Meder
February 4th, 2016
“Árísen”After her journey to Glastonbury, the heart of the Arthurian Mythos, in the spring of 2015, Kindra fell in love with England’s rolling landscapes and lush history. Visiting quaint villages, mystical, unspoiled forests, countless castles, the Glastonbury Tor, and Glastonbury Abbey-the speculated resting place of King Arthur-Kindra began to envision a world where knights were common, chivalry esteemed, and honor prized above all else.

Árísen explores a new angle on the beloved Arthurian legends, through a lens into a world where women are the protectors and knights of the land. Capturing the essence of feminine strength, Kindra invites the viewer to abandon their preconceptions of the old tales and experience the Arthurian legends with a fresh perspective. Through her new body of work featuring multiple acrylic-embellished pieces and her first-ever short film, Kindra reveals a tale never before told-a legend reborn.

Opening night also features a debut screening for “Hælestre”, a film by KindraNikole, premiering at 7:00 pm.”Those Unspoken”

The first woman created in Greek mythology, Pandora, bears a heavy burden. Responsible for opening a box containing the world’s evils, she paves the way for the feminine form in mythology to be assumed as wily temptress, sneaky seductress, or damsel in distress. “Those Unspoken” brings six artists together to reinterpret the standards for mythology, depicting women as mythical gods in roles that are typically masculine.

Artwork up until March 3rd


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Between the Devil and the Deep: Yvette Endrijautzki & Javier Ortega













Opening Reception
First Thursday
November 5th

AXIS Pioneer Square is pleased to present:
Between the Devil and the Deep
Artwork by Yvette Endrijautzki & Javier Ortega
With film preview of “A Brief History of Time Travel” by Gisella Bustillos

Javier Ortega and Yvette Endrijautzki construct a dark visual wonderland, taking surrealist twists through time warps, old puzzles, and melancholy tales.

Through intricate sculptural assemblages, Yvette’s work finds harmony in the strict juxtaposition of contradicting concepts. She tells stories of hope and despair, speaking of confusion and obsession through her metaphors while finding beauty in disquieting imagery.

Javier Ortega digs into his past to make sense of the present, reliving emotion and relearning to see the world as a child. Often depicting alternative antiquity in his home of Spain, Javier’s work grasps the viewer into his world.

The show features a film preview by Gisella Bustillios.
“A Brief History of Time Travel” is the biography of an idea, chasing time travel from ancient India to the streets of Los Angeles. For people of all ages and backgrounds —especially science fiction enthusiasts, and anyone who aches to experience a different time — it is an odyssey through one’s own imagination and a discovery of kindred spirits.

Featuring the music of The Null Spectre.
Artwork up until December 7th.



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First Nord Alley World Cup Public Viewing

Here at AXIS, we are incredibly lucky to have Nord Alley right out of our back door! As you can see below, Alley Network Project and International Sustainability Institute  certainly put this beautiful space to use in order to gather, celebrate and watch the opening game of the World Cup! Host country team Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1 in what was an incredibly exciting opening game.

If you’d like to join us for the next World Cup public viewing, feel free to check out the schedule HERE.

Our doors will always be open and we invite you to visit us so we can tell you all about our favorite teams and of course show you our beautiful space!


Worldcup Fans Nord Alley View Sounders on Site For Club and Country For Club and Country Worldcup Viewing View from AXIS Worldcup Viewing Worldcup Viewing Nord Alley, Rooftop View

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