2 November Art Walk Preview – "Narrative" - Reilly Jensen, Izzie Klingels, & Bette Burgoyne

December Art Walk Preview – “Aither” – Elle Hanley and Ianthe Moule














Aither” – Ianthe Moul & Elle Hanley

Opening on First Thursday, “Aither” brings a series of thought-provoking, ethereal works by two Northwest artists.

Ianthe Moul is an oil painter based out of Port Angeles. Inspired by the relative, ephemeral nature of beauty, Ianthe’s work connotes the underlying fabric of darkness and death. Her paintings echo a sense of fragility in each moment, her subjects vulnerable in the their awareness of time. Ianthe builds emotional bonds in her work by using vivid colors, manipulating lighting effects to find balance between representation and abstraction.

Elle Hanley is a fine art photographer who addresses the natural tension between the human form and the space it occupies. Her sets are often fantastical and ask the viewer to take a participatory role in imagining the narrative behind each piece. Playing on the seemingly apparent contradiction between the modern process and a timeless aesthetic, Elle’s photographs require the audience to momentarily suspend disbelief and engage in the storytelling process.

Music by: Erik Siegling

Artwork up until February 2nd.






















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